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Creating Hope

Jon's Story

Creating Hope Jon's Story

Jon Viger, automotive mechanic, avid Harley Davidson motorcycle rider.

I'm at my happiest when I'm riding down the road on my Heritage Softail Classic Harley Davidson with the wind in my face. You can picture me with my black leather jacket, jeans and boots, cruising on my Harley. I won't let a debilitating migraine slow me down.

My migraines started back in 1996, while living up in Gainesville. I had a transient ischemic attack (TIA) and since then, I have terrible migraines and learned a lot about what triggers them. In 2000, we moved back to South Florida and during one of my migraines, the doctor on call was Dr. Damon Salzman. He diagnosed me with hemiplegic migraine headaches which have stroke like symptoms which include facial drooping, numbness on left side among other symptoms. A few years went by and I suffered an attack of TGA (Transient Global Amnesia) which Dr. Salzman also treated me for.

There are some triggers I have learned such as spicy foods, foods containing nitrates and it I am stressed out or if the barometer drops, I will be hit with a migraine.

My migraine headaches normally start about 15 to 20 minutes after I wake up in the morning. The migraine feels like a bash to the back of my head; I feel tingling in an arm or leg, I lose my eyesight, and I have to lie down for an hour. On a scale of one-to-ten, my migraine headaches are a 15. Sometimes I get the ice pick headaches that feel like a knife to the side of the head, and then they wiggle around the perimeter of my skull for 30 seconds to one minute durations.

It wasn't until I found Dr. Salzman, a neurologist at Sunrise Medical Group, that I found relief from these horrible migraine headaches. Dr. Salzman has been administering Botox and lidocaine injections to treat my migraine headaches for over seven-years now. I come to his office in Pembroke Pines every three months for the injections. They take 15 minutes tops and they're done right in Dr. Salzman's office. Because of the injections, I get very few migraine headaches now. It literally cuts my migraines in half.

Right now I have about 10 to 15 migraine headaches a month. Dr. Salzman has really helped, before I started seeing him, I used to get several a day and now I can sometimes go three weeks without getting a debilitating migraine. By prescribing me fioricet for the headaches and the Botox treatment, Dr. Salzman has successfully managed my migraine headaches. 

Dr. Salzman is just awesome! He is the most caring doctor. The only one I'd ever trust. When I go to the hospital and tell them my physician is Dr. Salzman they all say - Wow! You're lucky!

He's the brightest and best there is. He's freaking awesome and really cares. My wife loves him. I think getting in and out of his office is convenient. I drive my motorcycle there and park in the lot. It's a piece of cake. I feel like when I'm at Dr. Salzman's office, the staff stops what they're doing and helps take care of me.

My passion in life is riding my motorcycle. When I'm not working, I'm riding my motorcycle and helping out with the non-profit organization, America Bikers Aiming to Train & Educate ( - fights for motorcycle rights). I no longer have to worry about a migraine headache when I ride. Every day I ride, I feel pretty good thanks to Dr. Salzman and his migraine care.

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Damon Salzman

Damon Salzman, MD

Specialty: Neurology, Sleep Medicine
Location: Pembroke Pines