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Archive for January 2017

The Menisci: What To Know.

The human body is fascinating. Through millions of years, it has evolved to function as efficient and effective as possible. One of the changes in the evolution of humans is becoming bipedal (walking on two legs). This evolutionary change required structural changes to the upper and lower extremities. Our legs now support all of the […]

Why You Should Choose a Vascular Surgeon for Varicose Vein Treatment.

If you’ve been struggling with unsightly and potentially painful varicose veins, the variety of clinics and treatment centers claiming that they can easily remedy your problem may seem a bit overwhelming.  In general, shopping for the right doctor for any issue may take some time.  However, it’s important to know what to look for when […]

Folic Acid Supplementation Prior To And During Pregnancy Can Help Prevent Birth Defects

Whether planning to get pregnant or not, women of child bearing age, from teenager throughout adult life, should concentrate on finding ways to add folic acid to their diet. Women who can become pregnant should be taking a daily vitamin and eating foods abundant in folic acid each and every single day, even if they […]

Everyday Strategies For Preventing Blood Clots

Most of us have a general understanding of what blood clots are and may even know someone who has had one; however, it’s important to realize that they can develop for a myriad of reasons under a variety of circumstances.  While normal blood clots are actually a natural part of the healing process, abnormal clots […]