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Archive for October 2018

Endoscopic ultrasound and pancreatic disorders

Endoscopic ultrasound, also referred as to EUS, is a minimally-invasive imaging test combining endoscopy and ultrasound to diagnose and evaluate the pancreas. Using an ultrasound probe mounted on a flexible endoscope, the gastroenterologist is able to obtain detailed views of the pancreas and surrounding organs. The procedure is done under sedation and it is very […]

Diagnostic Options in Your Hands

In-office arthroscopy can be an alternative to MRI study in some joint injury cases For a long-time, the go-to for diagnosis of orthopaedic injuries of the shoulder and knee involved a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study. Developments in technology has allowed for a handheld miniature arthroscope, guided by a trained orthopaedic surgeon in-office, is now […]