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Identifying Solutions For A Healthier Tomorrow

female researcher in glasses and mask look at test tube with green liquid

Tenet Florida Physician Services (TFPS) physicians are not only providing clinical solutions for the causes of sickness today, they are also part of a global medical community committed to finding the cures of tomorrow. Many of our physicians are partnering with global organizations, pharmeuceutrical companies and educational institutions to solve healthcare challenges that result in high mortality rates and/or substantially reduced quality of life. Often times TFPS physicians are at the forefront of research and development for innovative techniques, technologies and the development of medications.

What does this mean for you?

It means that TFPS physicians may be able to offer clinical options when other healthcare providers cannot. Research, innovation and our physician’s commitment to care is what makes this possible.

For more information about the research our physicians particiapte in, visit www.icareresearch.com.