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Posted on August 29, 2013

Doctor Reviewing Information with Patient

Make your health a priority and make regular doctor’s visits a routine. When visiting your doctor speak up and don’t forget to ask these crucial questions…

Your doctor isn’t a mind reader. To get all of the information you need, you’ll need to participate in a dialogue so that your doctor will get a clear picture of your health and how you’re feeling.

When first visiting your doctor:

1. Have I missed any recommended vaccinations? Keeping up-to-date on vaccinations is not just important for children.

2. What screenings do I currently need? Many conditions are treated most effectively when caught early. Some screenings you should consider include cholesterol, prostate, skin cancer and high blood pressure among others.

When you are diagnosed with a disease, condition or disorder:

3. What are my options?  Make sure you’ve received all the facts before making any big decisions about your health.

4. What are the risks? Many procedures carry some risks. Know what they are before you commit.

5. What are the side effects? Even mild medications may cause unexpected changes in your body. Ask your doctor what you might expect.

6. What warning signs should I watch out for? Certain side effects may mean that something is wrong. Talk to your doctor about when you should call him or head to the ER.

Confused? Don’t be afraid to ask more questions:

7. Can you explain that again? If you are confused by anything your doctor says, ask for clarification.

8. Is this safe to take this with my other medications? Mixing medicines can be dangerous or ineffective. Make sure there will be no adverse reaction to adding another medication.

9. Am I contagious? For how long? Protect the people around you by asking this question.

10. How can I prevent this from happening again? Prevention is one of the most important parts of your healthcare. Don’t neglect it! Remember to speak up and be proactive about your healthcare decisions. Looking for a new family doctor?

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