Exercise the Easy WayheadingContent

Posted on May 01, 2015

woman gardeningPart of what I do as an OBGYN is to make suggestions about how to live healthier. Diet and exercise are two important topics which are discussed at many visits, especially if weight is a problem.

Everyone knows that exercise is important to good health.  Activity has been proven to help maintain healthy weight and to help maintain a healthy mind.  But many women who are busy with children, work and home activities often have little time to participate in formal exercise activity. The good news is that adequate exercise requirements can be achieved with little effort.

So how is this accomplished?  Here are some painless suggestions:

1.    Park the car far away from the store.  Just walking back and forth from the store can burn calories, especially if pushing a cart. Although this seems like a small step, the walking adds up over time to a significant distance.woman and man walking up steps in an office

2.    Clean your own home. Housework can burn in excess of 400 calories an hour.

3.    Use the stairs. A few flights a day can add up. Skip the elevator. This activity really adds up fast. For example, a hospital employee I know who started using the stairs logged in 50 flights in just one week. Stair climbing burns lots of calories.

4.    Tend to your garden. Weeding, mulching and planting all burn calories. Your garden will look better and gardening can burn 400 calories an hour.

5.    Walk to the corner store instead of the five minute car ride. Walking or biking the short distance will take only a few minutes more.  If you have a small child, put him or her in a stroller, and walk.

Significant and meaningful  exercise can be accomplished without even thinking. Making smart lifestyle changes, painless changes, can make a huge difference.