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Posted on October 10, 2014

rectumYou just found out you need surgery. Choosing the right surgical option can be a daunting task for anyone. Your doctor may have multiple options available, but what if he isn’t even offering the most advanced treatment out there? What if there is a surgical option that involves less pain, less risk and can even get you home quicker?

“Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) has been used to treat selected rectal tumors for nearly two decades. However, many people eligible for this treatment don’t even know it exists,” says Dr. Roger Pons, MD, a board-certified colorectal surgeon.

TEM is a minimally invasive technique for selected non-cancerous and early stage cancer rectal tumors. Prior to the implementation of TEM, the standard treatment option for tumor removal was major surgery that involved a large abdominal incision. This course of treatment, which is still used today, has a significantly longer recovery time, hospital stay and a risk of complications, as well as requiring the patient to have a colostomy bag.

Dr. Roger Pons is one of the few doctors in South Florida who offers TEM, which can eliminate the need for major surgery. He has been treating patients using this procedure since 2006. Dr. Pons says he promotes this procedure because it is a significantly more advanced course of treatment than traditional open surgery. “Most people either don’t know or underestimate the benefits that this procedure offers,” said Dr. Pons.

TEM utilizes advanced equipment that offers the surgeon a significantly better visualization of the tumor than the traditional surgical methods, and does not require an abdominal incision, leading to a greatly reduced recovery time. Transanal endoscopic microsurgery typically allows the patient to return home within 24 hours of treatment and without the need for a colostomy bag. TEM offers decreased pain, morbidity, mortality and lower recurrence rates.

Dr. Pons says that, “TEM is a procedure that has been overlooked because of the lack of patient education on the multiple treatment options and the lack of widespread availability of physicians offering it.” Dr. Pons is experienced in the TEM procedure and advocates this procedure that can bring less pain and faster recovery times for suffering patients.

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