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Jonathan Hersch, MD, FAAOS

Jonathan Hersch, MD, FAAOS

Orthopaedic Surgery, Shoulder, Knee & Hip Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine
Boca Raton 33428

Creating Hope

Amy’s Story

Photo of Amy Chanos for the Dr. Jonathan Hersch Testimonial.

I was living with arthritic pain in both of my shoulders, which became so unbearable that I could not even button my jacket. After a rehabilitation session for my shoulders, I asked my physical therapist at Advanced Physical Therapy in Boca Raton if they knew of an orthopedic surgeon specializing in treatment for this ailment. Without hesitation, my physical therapist recommended Dr. Jonathan Hersch. I trusted my physical therapist with this referral because they know which doctors are doing a fantastic job with orthopedic care in our community. Then, I had dinner with a friend of mine and found out they had a fracture repaired by Dr. Jonathan Hersch and recommended him.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Hersch at his office in Boca Raton. At my appointment, Dr. Hersch had an exuberant attitude. During my visit, Dr. Hersch had X-rays taken of both of my shoulders. He diagnosed arthritis in both of my shoulders. I went to Dr. Hersch for surgery on my shoulders after doing physical therapy and living with the pain caused by my shoulder ailments. My shoulders were in rough shape.

Dr. Hersch also took the time to share with me strengthening exercises I could do in physical therapy prior to my surgeries. He took the time to list out these exercises he approved me to do. One of the contributing factors to my success is the fact that I did prehab beforehand to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder prior to surgery for my shoulder arthritis. This helps with recovery. I also made sure to complete my prescribed shoulder stretch exercises, which definitely helped me. I put in the work. Working out is something I do a lot. During the Pandemic, I did many spin classes at home. I like to be in shape and having the quality of life to work out is very important to me.

As I moved towards a surgical solution, Dr. Hersch was great. He scheduled surgery for the shoulder with the most extensive damage for February. Because I was going to have both of my shoulders surgically repaired he decided to schedule a procedure the following January for my other shoulder with the bone spur. Dr. Hersch took my X-rays and imported them into a preoperative surgery planning tool technology to create guided personalized surgery for shoulder replacements. This type of high tech intraoperative computer-assisted technology helps with pinpoint precision and accuracy during shoulder surgery.

For both of my reverse shoulder replacement surgeries, I really only had minimal pain afterwards. I had both of my surgeries with Dr. Hersch at West Boca Medical Center, which I found efficient with a caring staff.

Throughout my pre-op and post-op appointments at Dr. Hersch’s office there was no hiccups. Dr. Hersch was very self-assured, commanded the situation and I felt confident with him.

During the surgery, Dr. Hersch was able to give me a nerve block in each shoulder, which lasted two days so pain was never an issue. I wore my shoulder brace after each surgery and slept in bed. I only had to take a minimal amount of medication. Today, after a full recovery in both of my shoulders the range of motion is good. I look forward to getting back to weight lifting and building muscle.

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Creating Hope

Caroline’s Story

Caroline Spottswood

“I thought it was an injury to my back. It turns out I injured both of my hip joints. I wanted a really great doctor because I knew I was hurt really bad.”

I was on vacation at a resort and there was standing water on the stairs. I slipped and fell down on wet, concrete stairs. It was just like walking onto a sheet of ice – both of my feet slipped right out from underneath me. The next thing I knew I was taken away in an ambulance. At the time, I thought it was an injury to my back. It turns out I injured both of my hip joints. I wanted a really great doctor because I knew I was hurt really bad.

A friend of mine recommended I see a doctor they knew at an area hospital. The doctor evaluated me and then he referred me to Dr. Jonathan Hersch, an orthopaedic surgeon. He told me, “I only refer to the best doctors.” I knew the physician who referred me to Dr. Hersch was credible so I went to see Dr. Hersch. It was a fantastic choice!

Dr. Hersch is a great doctor. When I got to my appointment with Dr. Hersch, I asked everyone in his waiting room about him. I asked the patients, “Oh you just had surgery with Dr. Hersch, how do you feel?” Everyone in the waiting room told me he’s the best. I want to make sure the doctor I’m going to have surgery with is the best.

Before my appointment with Dr. Hersch, I knew I had hip labrum tears. I didn’t know until meeting with Dr. Hersch I had hip tendon tears too. My right hip injury turned out to be a major repair. I can tell you after having hip surgery with Dr. Hersch, he did everything right.

Dr. Hersch put me in a brace after surgery. He said crutches were a must for the time being. Dr. Hersch prescribed me a machine which was used to keep my surgically repaired hip moving. It moved really slow to introduce motion to the hip joint because when you have this type of surgery it’s important to keep the joint in motion for a combination of four hours during the day. Dr. Hersch did all the right things which gave me fabulous outcomes.

I decided I’m going to have my other hip repaired by Dr. Hersch. I have a tear in my left hip as well but I couldn’t walk very well because the damage to my right hip was pretty awful. I couldn’t walk a block at the time without crying or asking somebody to help me. But, Dr. Hersch fixed the more problematic hip first which was on my right side.

At my appointments with Dr. Hersch at his Boca Raton office, he pulled up my images on a multimedia screen and took the time to point out everything on the screen. He explained what was wrong and how he was going to fix it. I remember his office as being really clean, the staff was really nice, and his office was easy to get in and out of right in the heart of Boca Raton.

When you go into his office, he pulls up the imaging and brings you to the screen and shows you everything going on with your ailment. I have never had a doctor take the time to do that.

Dr. Hersch is really easy to talk to and he’s personable. The fact he’s (Dr. Hersch) an athlete really helps too because I’m active and my husband is a cyclist.

Dr. Hersch performed my right hip surgery arthroscopically. Because of his minimally invasive approach, I don’t have any scars. I was walking and off the brace within three weeks. Originally, I was told it would be at least two months before I would be able to drive. I couldn’t believe how fast I was up and the speed at which my recovery occurred. It was pretty amazing.

I didn’t suffer a lot of pain from my hip surgery with Dr. Hersch. I got instant relief when I got fixed. This was non-invasive. I was only on pain medicine for three days. I was able to travel to Italy with my husband after the surgery.

I look forward to getting my other hip fixed and down the road back to cycling with my husband. I’m going to get to ride a bike again and I’m really excited about the opportunity. I’m sending my husband to Dr. Hersch to get his knee assessed because this man’s (Dr. Hersch) got the skills. He’s very skilled.

Creating Hope

John’s Story

John House

Dr. Hersch’s quick scheduling was critical to my care because there is a time frame that you need to repair the bicep tendon.

I was competing in a Spartan Race doing an obstacle called the “twister,” which involves supporting all of your weight on one arm momentarily. As I was swinging back and forth in mid-air, switching hands and grabbing the next handle, similar to the monkey bars, my bicep popped with only one handle bar left. I was just a few feet away from ringing the bell to complete the obstacle, and I was halfway through the eight-mile race. It sounded like a loud snap when the tendon broke. It was very painful.

I ran the rest of the race but anything that required my right bicep, I couldn’t do. The pain was constant. Needless to say, I almost gave up but I pushed forward. I finished the race and won my age group. The race was in Chicago, but since I live in South Florida, I didn’t want anything done up there. I knew my bicep tendon was, at least, partially torn.

When you have a complete bicep tendon tear, it actually shrivels up like a lamp shade. This tear forms at the bottom of the bicep and you get what they call, a “Popeye deformity.” The tendon rolled up and created a lump in my bicep. It felt really weird. This injury was very aggravating and I felt deformed.

I flew back home and five days later I got a referral to see Dr. Jonathan Hersch and he was able to fit me in that same day; I was in Dr. Hersch’s office just two hours later.

My appointment with Dr. Hersch was on a Thursday and I was on the surgery schedule for the following Tuesday at West Boca Surgery Center, a part of West Boca Medical Center, conveniently on the hospital’s campus. Dr. Hersch’s quick scheduling was critical to my care because there is a time frame that you need to repair the bicep tendon. If the tendon misses the timeline to be repaired it will start to disintegrate and there’s nothing to work with to re-attach it to the bone. The surgery with Dr. Hersch went very well.

To fix this bicep bubble, an orthopaedic surgeon needs to make an incision to grab the tendon and then pull it back to the bone. During that time, you need to be really careful not to break whatever mending that’s already taken place.

As expected, my repaired bicep was very sensitive at first. It healed nicely and everyone at Dr. Hersch’s office was very happy with the result, including me. This injury really progressed nicely day-by-day since then.

Three weeks after my surgery, I was doing small isometric exercises with my repaired bicep. Little by little I could see the mobility and the strength coming back to my bicep. At nine weeks post-surgery, I started doing low weight bicep curls. At ll-weeks post-surgery, I was already doing 35 lb. dumbbell curls with my repaired bicep at a Boca Raton gym where I have a membership. I was obsessed with getting my bicep fixed so I could get back to competing. My priorities in life are to stay fit and compete. I enjoy it. By staying in shape and competing, it forces me to be disciplined, which reflects in my diet and overall health.

My family is super impressed with the care I received from Dr. Jonathan Hersch.

Creating Hope

Carlos’ Story

Carlos sitting in a chair.

Carlos Artaza | In-Office Arthroscopy Testimonial on Dr. Jonathan Hersch
Impact window installer supervisor

I was working at my job installing impact windows when I missed the last three steps off of a ten-foot A-frame ladder and did a split onto the ground below. My left knee immediately locked and then twisted due to the force of the fall from the ladder. I had torn the meniscus in the knee but I didn’t know this at the time. In my mind, I knew something was wrong.

Every time I put any pressure on my knee I would feel more pain. A friend and his daughter highly recommended Dr. Jonathan Hersch. I called Dr. Hersch’s office and they quickly scheduled my appointment and told me they could email me the paperwork needed if I liked. The thought of not having to sit in his office and fill out paperwork was real nice.

I waited less than ten minutes to meet Dr. Hersch. He asked me what happened to my leg and examined my knee. Dr. Hersch said he could analyze my knee injury right there in his office using a minimally invasive handheld arthroscopy called the mi-eye. My other option was to schedule an MRI at an imaging center and a few days later, after receiving the results, I would need to schedule another appointment with Dr. Hersch to discuss the results.

I chose the mi-eye in-office arthroscopy. Dr. Hersch applied a little anesthetic on my left knee. I felt a little bit of the anesthetic application but I didn’t feel the scope going in at all. I could feel the scope inside my knee but I didn’t feel any pain. An office mi-eye arthroscopy was quick. I know this because my son had the same injury a few years prior and it took several days to get the MRI images taken and evaluated.

Dr. Hersch showed me my meniscus was torn with all the images right then and there in his office. I was relieved when he told me I hadn’t torn anything else. Dr. Hersch explained he needed to clean up the tear so it won’t tear anymore and then I’d be able to walk. He would just cut out the tear so it wouldn’t keep ripping.

As for the in-office mi-eye arthroscopy, Dr. Hersch said there may be a little pain later on in the day but remembering back I wasn’t sore at all. Dr. Hersch told me he could see that I had a torn meniscus and showed me I was starting to have arthritis. He took the time to explain the injury. Telling me to think of the meniscus tear like if you were to begin tearing a piece of paper, eventually you’re going to tear through the paper completely until there’s no more paper left.

Dr. Hersch said I would need an arthroscopic meniscus repair, an outpatient surgical procedure. Then, he gave me a date right then and there when he could perform the procedure.
I decided to have the operation to repair my meniscus. Dr. Hersch performed the procedure at an outpatient surgery center in Delray Beach. I arrived at 9 am, had surgery at 10 am and was wheeled out of the surgery center at 11:30 am. My wife was very happy with the care I received from Dr. Hersch. She went with me and met Dr. Hersch. She liked the way he explained everything to her after the surgery of what was done to me.

I saw Dr. Hersch in his Boca Raton office the next day. I was walking the third day after the operation without any crutches. I had the surgery Thursday morning, was walking without a crutch by Sunday and back to work on Monday.

The great thing is I only missed a day of work. At first, I was doing light stuff at work like walking with an inspector to make sure the impact windows were being installed correctly. I could drive to a job site. There were little minor things I could do to stay working. My knee felt good. Now, I’m walking up and down steps at work. My knee is fixed, I feel a lot better and my confidence is back to the point I’m even back up on the ladder installing impact windows. Today, my knee feels great!

Creating Hope

Winsome’s Story


Winsome Parker, teacher from the Grand Cayman.

I’m Winsome, and I’m a 50-year-old teacher from the Grand Cayman. Teaching my 4th graders is my passion. I believe that learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom – it’s a life-long skill. Therefore, I’m constantly moving around, interacting with my students.

In March 2013, my ability to be hands-on with my students ended suddenly when I tripped over a parking curb, twisting my ankle and tearing all the ligaments and tendons in my knee. An ambulance brought me to a hospital in the Cayman Islands, and the doctor put my leg in a cast. Two weeks later, he switched me to a knee stabilizer. My son works at the hospital and was worried when it was clear my knee wasn’t improving. He insisted I get an MRI, and when the results came back, we discovered my injury was very serious. The doctor said I needed to go elsewhere for further care.

The next thing I knew I was on a plane to South Florida where my aunt and nephew live. When I arrived, I found out the hospital I planned on going to wouldn’t accept my insurance. Panic began to set in. What would I do now?

It didn’t take long before I received a call that changed everything. An international concierge coordinator from West Boca Medical Center reached out and told me about an amazing orthopedic surgeon who could fix my knee. I was hesitant at first after what happened with the other hospital. I wasn’t sure who I could trust. The international concierge coordinator emailed me some more information and assured me I’d be in great hands. It was from that point on that I believe my healing process officially began.

The next day, I made an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Hersch. When I went to see him for the first time, I wasn’t in good condition. It had been eight weeks since my injury, and I’d only gotten worse. Dr. Hersch was bold enough to work with a challenge and get me back on track.
The first thing he did was operate on my knee to remove scar tissue that had built up over time. Three days later, I was already able to bend my knee up to 90 degrees! Dr. Hersch made sure I stayed mobile and that I stayed strong not only physically, but mentally. I had so much confidence in him when he went in again to reconstruct my ACL and PCL.

I can’t thank Dr. Hersch enough for everything he did for me. He went above and beyond what I would expect any doctor to do for a patient. He set up the surgeries around my schedule, so my son could fly over and be with me. He wrote a letter to my school’s education department, so they would consider a salary continuation plan. He explained my limitations and what should be expected of me when I returned to work. Dr. Hersch’s team did everything possible to make my life easier, and I am forever grateful to them.

After going through physical therapy at Florida Medical Center, I continue to improve every day. Because of the orthopedics team at West Boca Medical Center, I know a full recovery is in my near future. In the meantime, I’m not letting my limited mobility keep me from doing what I love most – molding the minds of young students.

Creating Hope

Oswaldo’s Story
Oswaldo Negri Jr. and Dr. Jonathan Hersch


Oswaldo Negri Jr. – Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Racing Series race car driver.

Since I was nine years old, my life has revolved around the racetrack. I knew I was in love with race car driving from the moment I was old enough to get behind the wheel. I didn’t think it was possible to love anything more until I met my beautiful wife Claudia, and we had our two lovely daughters. Our family settled down in Aventura, and I was truly living my dream both personally and professionally.

After coming off of my most successful season as a professional race car driver, the unthinkable happened. I broke my fibula above my right ankle while mountain biking. I saw my racing career fading away in my rearview mirror.

I’ve seen what an injury can do to a person’s career. So when the bone in my leg snapped, I immediately knew I was in trouble. My right ankle needs to be in good working condition to accelerate and brake the car. I began to worry about how long I would be out for, and if I would ever be able to come back. Racing is my way of life, my livelihood and the only way I know how to make a living.

The first orthopaedic physician I saw told me I had to wait and see how my ankle healed and then move towards treatment. I sought a second opinion, but I wasn’t satisfied with either treatment plan. I felt farther than ever from the driver’s seat.

Because of the injury, I found myself feeling very frustrated, and it was affecting every area of my life. A close friend of mine noticed how devastated I was and suggested I see one more doctor – Dr. Jonathan Hersch, an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at West Boca Medical Center. I took the recommendation and made an appointment with Dr. Hersch. From the minute he entered the exam room, it was like a light came on, and he told me the plan to diagnose, treat, perform surgery and rehabilitate my broken bone. Dr. Hersch and everybody in his office offered tremendous support, and it was the first time since before I broke my ankle that I had confidence I would return to racing.

During my surgery at West Boca Medical Center, Dr. Hersch actually had to re-break my fibula bone. The staff at the hospital was tremendous in helping me reestablish my range of motion after the surgery. On my first visit back to Dr. Hersch, he already had me on a rehabilitation and physical therapy plan, and we talked about me racing again. I was making excellent progress, and I knew I would be able to get back in a car, which was such a huge relief.

You may not believe what I’m about to tell you, but it’s true. Four months after my surgery, I won first place in my age class at a triathlon in Key Biscayne. Four car races after the surgery, I made it to the finish line with a Top-5 finish. I was able to get my full race schedule back. I want to thank both Dr. Hersch and West Boca Medical Center for getting me back to the starting line – both on foot and behind the wheel.

Creating Hope

Sandy’s StorySandy Jacobs standing outside


Sandy Jacobs, active member and recording secretary at her Temple, fundraiser for charitable organization.

For over a year, I was suffering from a nagging pain due to arthritis in my right shoulder. I was taking pain medication and doing anything to relieve the pain but nothing seemed to be working to reduce the discomfort I was feeling. Eventually, I had to start taking cortisone shots but those only stopped the agony I was in on a daily basis. The aching was something I could live with but would eventually affect my quality of life, I needed an orthopaedic surgeon who could fix my hurt shoulder.

Although I am a Delray Beach resident, I found Dr. Jonathan Hersch, an orthopaedic surgeon in Boca Raton and near the campus of West Boca Medical Center. From the get go, Dr. Hersch was very nice and caring, and his office staff was wonderful. During a consultation in his office, Dr. Hersch explained the plan he had for me, which included total shoulder replacement surgery. Deciding to have Dr. Hersch perform the surgery was one of the best choices I made. From the time I came out of anesthesia, until today, I haven’t had pain in my right shoulder.

I was in West Boca Medical Center a total of three days. The staff was terrific and everything was wonderful. Dr. Hersch’s PBHNPG office arranged everything. They scheduled my physical therapy, at home for five weeks. Then, I saw a nurse for five weeks and a medical aid for an additional five weeks. Today, I feel terrific. I am doing just about all the things I could do before the surgery.

After healing, I was going to Dr. Hersch’s office periodically until I was cleared to resume activity. I have never had a problem since so I don’t have to visit Dr. Hersch’s office anymore. I will say though, going into his office was always a pleasant experience and they don’t keep you waiting forever, which is really nice. My husband, Howard, thought the surgery went beautifully.

I was an office manager and an administrative assistant during my working career. We lived in Massachusetts and moved here in 1999. I have been retired for 17 years. Today, I love the water and water aerobics.

I am also a very active member of Temple Anshei Shalom in Delray Beach. I work as the recording secretary on the executive board at Temple Anshei Shalom. I am also active in Hadassah, a Jewish Women’s Zionist organization, focusing on fundraising for our charitable organization.

I am really happy Dr. Hersch was able to get me back in the swing of things I love most – spending time with my husband Howard, family, my temple and support of Hadassah. Today, it’s nice to know I can hop in the pool and participate in water aerobics, while experiencing no pain.

May 25, 2017

by  Suzanne Biddiscombe

I found Dr. Hersch to be very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I broke my ankle in an accident. I went to him and he told me I was in the wrong boot and and that I needed one that supported my ankle better. He also made a few recommendations that accelerated the bone healing and within 6 weeks the bone was healed and I was fitted for a brace. I still have some tenderness but I know that every day I am making progress. My experience with Dr. Hersch and his staff was good.

May 23, 2017

by  John Pala

Got me in quickly when I needed it, great front staff, never felt rushed, Dr. Hersch answered all my questions

May 23, 2017

by  Violet Giudice

First I must comment on the excellent staff Dr. Hersch has put together. All the girls were friendly, helpful and courteous (very refreshing)! The Dr. was very professional, and was able to diagnose my condition and provide a remedy. I am thankful my insurance was accepted. Thank you everyone at the office for your help!

December 23, 2016

by  Anonymous

Dr. H was recommend to me by a friend and what a great recommendation. Very happy with my experience at his office. FANTASTIC

November 10, 2016

by  Anonymous

I cannot shower enough praise on both Dr. Hersch and his wonderful office staff. I found his name after completing a 3 hour search on the internet for experienced and highly rated orthopedic surgeons with a special interest in rotator cuff repair. I live in Bradenton, FL and was willing to travel almost anywhere to get a second opinion before undergoing repeat surgery on my right shoulder. Dr. Hersch spent at least 30 minutes (probably more) asking me all kinds of questions and asking to receive complete copies of my previous medical records. He strongly suggested that all non-surgical options should be explored first. How refreshing!! His staff was wonderful, welcoming and very compassionate. I highly recommend this office and will gladly drive 4 hours to see them again if needed.

April 16, 2016

by  Liyah

Dr. Hersch is such a great surgeon! So thankful to have been referred to him!

November 7, 2015

by  Anonymous

An excellent doctor who is skilled and knowledgeable but also takes the time to listen to your unique circumstances. Diagnosis was quick and thoroughly explained, as were my options. My surgery went better than I could have hoped, especially considering the damage I did. A great doctor for people hoping to not just relieve pain but also get back to activity.

February 21, 2015

by  Dave Provence

Would highly recomend to any professional athlete. Great office and staff.

September 25, 2014

by  Sedell Odze

I RATE EVERYTHING AS A 4 All of the above I rate as excellent. Dr. Hersch is a very good doctor and has a great bed bed side manner. The staff is friendly and compasionate. I would reccomend Dr. Hersch to who ever needs an Orthopedic doctor.

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rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
July 14, 2022

I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Hersch from the beginning. He was very thoughtful in discussing the option of surgery on my shoulder not rushing into a recommendation. At 10 weeks post-OP, I believe I will have an excellent outcome on a difficult surgery for massive rotator cuff tear. I appreciate the follow up with Dr. Hersch himself at regular intervals.

rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
July 14, 2022

Excellent staff in the front office. The doctor is very caring and knowledgeable

rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
June 26, 2022

If God forbid I'll break another bone in my body, no matter where I'd be, I will fly back to Dr. Hersch and have him put me back together.

rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
June 26, 2022

I used to be seen by Dr. Hersch at the old location on SW 18th St where his staff was nothing but wonderful. Well, although I see all new faces here at this new location, I must say that I am impressed of how professional, efficient and friendly they all are!

rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
June 14, 2022

Would highly recommend the office and Dr. Hersch!