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Werner Andrade, MD, FASMBS

Werner Andrade, MD, FASMBS

Bariatrics, General Surgery
Hialeah 33013, Miami 33133

Creating Hope

Marcelino’s Story

Cuban singer Marcelino Valdes lost more than 100 lbs. after having bariatric surgery with Dr. Werner Andrade. Marcelino looks forward to the day and the opportunity to perform at The Apollo, an iconic Harlem landmark Marcelino performed at in the mid-2000's.

My whole life I have been a professional singer, but when I began to tip the scales above 300 lbs. it became hard for me to perform at my best. Over a year after having weight-loss surgery with Dr. Andrade I still feel great. Before getting help with my weight loss from Dr. Andrade, my pants size was a 42. Today, I wear a size 32 and weigh over 100 lbs. less than I did before having surgery.

My whole life I have been a professional singer, but when I began to tip the scales above 300 lbs. it became hard for me to perform at my best. I had diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. I took insulin and a lot of pills. A friend of mine had weight-loss surgery with Dr. Werner Andrade and was very happy with the progress she made under his care. Sometimes word of mouth is impactful, so, I made an appointment to see Dr. Andrade. I’m glad I did because today I weigh over 100 lbs. less than I did before having surgery. Most importantly, I have been able to keep the weight off by sticking to guidelines suggested by Dr. Andrade and his staff. Before and After Photos of Marcelino Valdes, a Cuban Singer who lost over 100 lbs. after having bariatric surgery with Dr. Werner Andrade.

I’m in great health after having weight-loss surgery performed by Dr. Andrade at Hialeah Hospital. Today, I’m glad to say I only take one medication for neuropathy, but, not every day, only when I need it. I don’t have to take insulin any more. My blood pressure is now under control. I followed up with everything Dr. Andrade told me to do, I did everything he said and followed his guidelines and today I’m benefitting from his care.

I had to take control of my weight. At one time prior to surgery with Dr. Andrade, I weighed 309 lbs. and today I weight just 205 lbs. I have been as low as 195 lbs. But, today, I normally fluctuate between 197 and 205 lbs.

One of the main benefits enjoying is the fact that I can walk six or seven miles without any struggle at all but that was not the case before I had weight-loss surgery. I can run too but I walk because it’s better for my health. Dr. Andrade is very knowledgeable and by listening to him, following up with his care, I have changed my life. In my opinion, weight-loss surgery wasn’t hard to get through, as I was amazed the day after surgery, the nursing and physical rehabilitation staff had me up and walking around the hospital. I had the mindset and the thinking that I wanted to do this for myself and for my future health. Because of that I think the surgery was no problem for me. I kept telling myself, think positive, you can do it. Dr. Werner Andrade stands next to Marcelino Valdes prior to a TV interview at a TV studio featuring the story of how Marcelino lost more than 100lbs. after having weight-loss surgery with Dr. Andrade.

Today, over a year after having weight-loss surgery with Dr. Andrade I still feel great. I spend a lot more time in front of the mirror. Before getting help with my weight loss from Dr. Andrade, my pants size was a 42. Today, I wear a size 32. It’s hard to imagine that I lost 10-inches off of my waste but I did. Now, when I go shopping, I can buy anything I want. I’ve definitely become more fashionable. Lastly, I look forward to getting back on stage and singing. I want to see how much better I sound and am able to connect with the audience being 100 lbs. lighter on my feet.

• This testimonial reflects results achieved by this patient. As each case must be independently evaluated and managed, actual weight loss will vary.
• This surgery is designed for those with a body mass index equal to or greater than 40, or equal to or greater than 35 with serious co-morbidities.

Creating Hope

Patricia’s Story

Patricia Reyes

“I have always tried to be healthy but I feel like I’m always fighting with my genetics. I was exercising and eating healthy for so long but it just didn’t help me.”

I have been battling weight loss, gaining weight, losing it and gaining it back again all of my life so I decided to have gastric sleeve bariatric surgery. My first diet was at just eight-years-old. I come from a family where on one of my parent’s side they’re all thin and on the other side there is a lot of obesity. My grandma and one of my aunts had already had gastric bypass surgery.

Before I moved to the U.S., I was doing a lot of exercise and watching my diet. Now, I have no time because I’m working all day. I started to gain weight faster than I could lose those unwanted lbs. One of my friends told me about her experience with Dr. Werner Andrade so I went to see him in his office. From the beginning, with me, Dr. Andrade was clear in his communication with me.

I spoke with him to form an opinion of how I could stop this weight gain sooner than later. I knew if I didn’t stop the weight gain I was just going to get bigger, and bigger and bigger. The goal for me was to avoid and prevent diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity that are found in my family history.

I have always tried to be healthy but I feel like I’m always fighting with my genetics. I was exercising and eating healthy for so long but it just didn’t help me. In addition, I had a thyroid ailment. All of those elements made me think I need to do something now for my weight loss.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Andrade and his staff were very nice in helping me to obtain all my labs and prerequisite approvals.

I had my weight-loss surgery at Hialeah Hospital. During the surgery and afterward too everything went really well. I didn’t feel a thing and had no pain. Everything went perfectly. Dr. Andrade was very preventative, he told me to be patient especially with my eating. I realized early on that I have a new stomach and it was going to take time for me to adjust into a new way of living. Dr. Andrade constantly repeated to me, “Remember you are a new person.”

Those first three months after surgery were a challenge mentally rather than physically. The challenge for me mentally was to change the way I saw food. Eating is very emotional and society is like that too, take for instance when you are celebrating something everyone is like “let’s go eat.” Everything was surrounded by food but I’ve learned it doesn’t need to be that way.

It was hard at the beginning to make lifestyle food changes but after the surgery I began to realize the need to eat healthy, small portions. When I decided to start this journey, I learned to be very conscious and knew I had to change the way I viewed food.

At the beginning when I started to lose weight, it was like a miracle. But, if you don’t take the time to manage food consumption it’s going to be the same type of weight gain. I had to change my diet completely. The first month after surgery, it was liquids. Then, I could add pureed foods. I started to eat normal food after the third month post-surgery, Since then, I have enjoyed normal eating habits while focusing on portion consumption.

Dr. Andrade has a dietician and support group so the combination of the two helped me stay on track. Dr. Andrade always recommended I attend, so I did at least once a month. This type of support is important before and after the surgery. Everyone expressed how they’re feeling and would answer my questions. I think it’s helpful to learn from others who may have had some of the same experiences you had during the weight loss journey.

I was only in the hospital for three days. It went by really fast. Dr. Andrade’s team was excellent. The hospital staff was very nice.

I saw Dr. Andrade after the surgery every three months as his offices in Hialeah and Miami. His offices were very convenient for me, at the time I worked in Hialeah, so I would go there and then when my job moved south, I would see him in Miami. Dr. Andrade’s staff works at both locations; they were very helpful to me and took the time to get to know me which I think was very helpful in my success. His staff was polite, courteous and I was seen for my appointments in a timely manner. I could actually see him after work, last appointment of the day, so that helped me out with getting there because I work a busy job.

I ran the entire Miami Marathon after I recovered from my weight loss surgery with Dr. Andrade. I could feel the difference because three-years prior to surgery I ran a half-marathon and had a real tough time finishing and afterward I didn’t feel good at all. I felt like I couldn’t walk or breathe. The marathon was so much better, I felt really great about my finishing time and I felt good after I finished. I really love to exercise.

One of the reasons I wanted to have the surgery was because even though I was exercising I wasn’t getting any results especially in losing weight. I wanted a change because I like exercising, I like to go out but it’s just so hard when you’re carrying excess weight. I was eating better than most, I was counting every calorie, watching what I was eating but it just wasn’t making a difference. Just imagine if you tried to run with two 25 lbs. weights, one on each side, or two dumbbells, one on each side, it would be so hard. Now I’m running without that extra weight.

Today, I feel so much better than compared to before surgery. It’s been like a 360-degree change for me. I felt so much of a relief after having the surgery. I tell myself you can still have just about any food you want, just make it a little portion. I used to eat meals with a lot of regrets. Today, I feel free. I had to go shopping for new clothes and now, I have a lot more options for fashion. I feel so much better about myself, emotionally more than physically.

  • This testimonial reflects results achieved by this patient. As each case must be independently evaluated and managed, actual weight loss will vary.
  • This surgery is designed for those with a body mass index equal to or greater than 40, or equal to or greater than 35 with serious co-morbidities

Creating Hope

Niurys’ Story

Niurys Santana in doctor's office
My name is Niurys Santana and I had the gastric sleeve procedure. I would recommend this surgery to anyone. Today, I feel so happy. All went perfect. I have lost almost 100 lbs. in just one year. Today, I feel like I was just 15-years-old again.

My primary care physician recommended Dr. Andrade. I had several health problems including high blood sugar. I had problems with my liver and other body health issues. I recommend Dr. Andrade to anyone who wants this surgery because Dr. Andrade is a great physician.

Niurys Santana and Dr. Werner Andrade

Dr. Andrade speaks to his patients with sincerity and will tell you the truth. He will tell you if you truly need bariatric surgery. I needed the surgery because my blood sugar level was very high. Dr. Andrade performed the gastric sleeve procedure on me along with surgery on my gallbladder at the same time.

Recuperation after my surgery was perfect, fast and I felt no pain. If you follow what Dr. Andrade recommends you will be a new person. I tell you from my heart, this surgery is real easy especially if you do the recommended exercises and follow the instructions of the nutritionist and Dr. Andrade. I recommend this surgery for anyone who needs it and it is nothing out of this world.

It was a fast process for me, a process that in less than one year I have seen a change in my body. My life has changed. I have to have a positive attitude. If you really want this surgery you can do it. It was a perfect surgery for me.

My gallbladder was not functioning well. I was not feeling well, suffering with stomach aches, very bad migraine headaches, problems that I no longer have. Today, I feel liberated from all the health issues I had. This surgery was the best thing to ever happen to me!

I have so much more energy than I did before the surgery. Before, I felt so tired and had pain all over my body. I had no motivation. Now I feel like I want to live more! I am a new person. I am a new Niurys. I am happy and I recommend the gastric sleeve surgery. It was the best thing that could happen to me.


La Historia de Niurys

Niurys Santana in doctor's office
Me hicieron la manga gástrica. Una cirugía que recomiendo a cualquiera porque yo, personalmente, me siento felice y me quede perfecto. He bajado casi cien libras en un año y me siento como se tuviera quince años de edad.

Me recomendó mi médico de atención primaria ir a ver el doctor Andrade, por otros problemas de salud como el azúcar, el hígado lo tenía muy graso y tenía molestias en mi cuerpo. Se la recomiendo el doctor Andrade a quien quiera esta cirugía porque sinceramente el doctor Andrade es un buen doctor.

Niurys Santana and Dr. Werner Andrade

Cuando habla, habla con sinceridad y no engaño a la persona. Él dice si verdaderamente si necesitas o no el cirugía. Yo la necesitaba la cirugía porque tenía el azúcar muy alto. El doctor Andrade me hizo la cirugía manga gástrica también junto con la vesícula.

Después de la cirugía la recuperación fue perfecta, fue rápida y no sentía dolores ni sentí dolores en mi cuerpo. Si haces lo que el doctor Andrade recomienda llegas hacer una nueva persona. Si haces todo los ejercicios y con el alimento recomendado por la nutricionista y el doctor, yo les digo de mi corazón, es verdadero la cirugía. Es una cirugía recomendado para la que necesites y no es nada del otro mundo.

Es un proceso rápido, un proceso que en menos de un ano ha visto el cambio en mi cuerpo, cambios en mi vida, y cambios en mi mente porque tienes que tener la mente positiva para esta cirugía. Si usted verdaderamente quieres esta cirugía puedes hacerlo. Es una cirugía perfecta.

Tenía la vesícula muy vaga, como me decía el doctor que no estaba funcionando bien. Me estaba con problemas de gastritis, problemas de migraña muy mala, cosas que ya no me siento hoy. Hoy me siento liberada de todos los problemas de salud. Fue una cirugía que para mí era lo mejor que pudo pasar. ¡Estoy súper contenta!

Me siento con más energía la que no tenía antes. Antes me sentía cansada, me sentí dolores en todo mi cuerpo. Yo no sentía motivación para nada. ¡Ciento ahorra como que quiero vivir más! ¡Soy otra persona! ¡Soy una Niurys nueva! Soy felice y yo lo recomiendo esta cirugía manga gástrica. Es lo mejor que podía pasar a mí.

Creating Hope

Joanie’s Story

Joanie standing on the grass.

I was obese for 18 years.  I tried all types of diets and a lot of exercise programs.  I would lose a little but not enough to get into my healthy weight range.  I tried everything I could to lose weight but nothing worked.

When I was younger, I was much slimmer. Once I turned 18-years old, I began a serious relationship and started having children.  That’s when my weight started getting out of control. I eventually became 100 pounds overweight. When you have this much weight to lose it’s so difficult. You keep trying and see that the weight is not coming off so you become discouraged. I tried everything to lose the weight and I didn’t know what else to do to.

My biggest fear was not being present for my kids. I was overweight but still healthy and I know it would not always be like that. I decided that before I am diagnosed with any medical conditions due to my weight, I would undergo bariatric surgery. I met Dr. Werner Andrade through my primary care doctor who referred me to him for bariatric surgery.

Dr. Andrade was great from the first appointment on; sat with me, explained my options and recommended the best type of surgery for me which was the sleeve gastrectomy.

He explained the process to me including what the procedure and the recovery would be like.  After meeting Dr. Andrade and feeling relaxed with him, I decided to have the surgery.

The day of my surgery I was feeling scared but at the same time excited for the outcome.  The first day or two after the surgery I was really upset with myself for allowing myself to the point of having surgery but I was confident with the doctor and the procedure. A few days later, I was happy thinking about what was to come. I guess those are normal emotions.

My husband has been very supportive of me right from the beginning. He just wanted me to be happy.  It was good that he and my family were so supportive.

I’ve lost 80 pounds and I feel good. I have a lot more energy, I can be active with my boys. I want to be out and about, I don’t want to be home watching TV. I was active before the surgery but I got tired easily. The good thing now is that I don’t have knee pain.  My right knee would really hurt when I walked a lot and now that’s gone.

I would like to say that if anyone is considering having bariatric surgery, not to be scared or worried. In the end, it’s all worth it.  My only regret is not having it done sooner. Eighteen years of my life went by where a lot of times I was miserable because there were things I could not do like ride a roller coaster with my kids because I didn’t fit in the seat. I had to ride by myself in a separate seat. I feel like I missed out on those times with my kids. I am looking forward to riding a roller coaster with my sons.

Creating Hope

Octavio’s Story

If I continued the way I was, my kidneys would fail, having weight loss surgery helped to reduce the amount of insulin I was taking.

 I originally weighed about 265 lbs. I am Diabetic and my diabetes was very bad. When I visited my endocrinologist she told me if I continued the way I was, my kidneys may fail and I would need to go on dialysis. She advised me to get bariatric surgery to help me lose weight and feel better from the effects of the diabetes. She reminded me that it will not cure the diabetes but it will help reduce the high dose of insulin I was taking. I was almost to the point of kidney failure. I realized my endocrinologist was telling me the truth. She gave me the option to find a bariatric surgeon.

One of my friends had a surgery done by Dr. Werner Andrade and highly recommended him to me. She said that I would be very happy to meet Dr. Andrade, that he was a good person, doctor and surgeon. I decided to attend a bariatric presentation given by Dr. Andrade. I asked him a lot of questions and he answered them all. I wanted to know everything including the pros and cons of the surgery.

I chose to have gastric bypass. It will be two years in April 2018 that I had my surgery. I feel great now. I wish I could walk more, but I have advanced arthritis in my hips. The good thing is that my weight loss has taken the strain off my hips and my weight loss has made me feel much better. I try to maintain a normal life and since I don’t eat that much I won’t gain weight again.

My family is very happy for me. They have watched me go from being very overweight to losing all the weight and are very happy for me.

I am a retired mechanical naval engineer. My weight made it difficult to enjoy my retirement. One of the things I like to do is build model replica Spanish galleons. I take my replicas to exhibits for everyone to see. I now have the energy to enjoy my hobby and enjoy life.

  • This testimonial reflects results achieved by this patient. As each case must be independently evaluated and managed, actual weight loss will vary.
  • This surgery is designed for those with a body mass index equal to or greater than 40, or equal to or greater than 35 with serious co-morbidities.

Creating Hope

Anora’s StoryAnora Santiago standing by flowers


Anora Santiago, paralegal, Miami, FL.

There were times when I would eat a whole chocolate cake by myself. Other times, I ate emotionally when I felt a little depressed. My body mass index (BMI) was 44, which is morbidly obese. All of my life, I struggled to lose weight. I tried the mainstream diets you see on TV. If it was the newest diet, I was on it. I tried weight loss boot camps, eating right, and even took the drug phentermine, which decreases appetite. My weight went up and down, like a yo-yo, between a high of 275 pounds and a low of 240 pounds.

My obesity caused unwanted health conditions. Because of the excess weight I developed sleep apnea. During my lunch break at work, I would go out to my car and take a nap in the middle of the day. I was winded. Always out of breath…

I actually went to see two different doctors before I met Dr. Werner Andrade at Hialeah Hospital. I went to see Dr. Andrade after a young lady told me about him. I’m blessed to have Dr. Andrade Anora Santiago standing with a manas my physician. He actually changed my whole decision. Before meeting him, I was scared. Dr. Andrade took the time to walk me through each procedure. We talked about the gastric band, bypass and sleeve, weight loss surgeries. He let me know whichever option I decided on would be my choice.

We talked at length about the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass. I chose the sleeve. I was inspired after talking to Dr. Andrade and went on my own diet combination of salads and a daily running regimen. I lost 40 pounds from that diet and exercise, and another 20 pounds after we talked seriously about the sleeve surgery.

I had gastric sleeve surgery about a year ago and since then have lost almost 100 pounds. The first things I noticed after losing all that weight was being able to buckle my pants, touch my toes and paint my toe nails. These are things a lot of people take for granted but were things I couldn’t do. Today, my legs don’t rub together and I’m able to sleep through the night. I have a BMI of 25, which is in the healthy range.

I have two kids, my sons William, 17, and Joshua, 9. Now, they’re like, “Mom you look so skinny!” My 17-year-old doesn’t like it because all of his friends say to him, “Hey, is that your mom?” He’s like, “Yeah that’s my mom! What are you looking at?”

I attend the bariatric surgery support group at Hialeah Hospital. To me, it helps to know what other people are going through. While I was in the hospital, Dr. Andrade came to see me every day. He has always been very pleasant to be around. I was walking around the hospital within a few hours of waking up in the recovery room and I worked out a couple of weeks after my surgery.

I would tell someone considering weight loss surgery to go for it. Do it with your eyes shut, don’t listen to anyone else, because everyone’s going to tell you not to do it.

The best thing about having sleeve surgery is that today I enjoy going running, taking my kids to the pool and the beach, and having an abundance of energy. I can eat anything I want just in smaller portions. In the beginning, it was more difficult. It’s something you have to get accustomed to. Now, I try to eat every three to four hours and when I’m hungry, it’s ok to eat something.

  • This testimonial reflects results achieved by this patient. As each case must be independently evaluated and managed, actual weight loss will vary.
  • This surgery is designed for those with a body mass index equal to or greater than 40, or equal to or greater than 35 with serious co-morbidities.

Creating Hope

William’s StoryWilliam Diaz

I Decided To Make A Change In My Life.

Most of my life I have been overweight. I have tried many diets in my life but they never worked; my weight would go down but would eventually bounce back up. My weight was even affecting my health to the point that I had to take medications for high blood pressure and acid reflux. I drove by an advertisement every day and it finally caught my attention. It featured the after-image of a patient 10 months post bariatric surgery. I decided to make a change in my life. I walked into the hospital one day and asked for a bariatric surgeon; they referred me to Dr. Andrade. Reaching out to a bariatric surgeon was a very big step. I was nervous about the process but I had faith in Dr. Andrade.William Diaz with doctor

The first thing we went over was the pros and cons of the procedure. Dr. Andrade discussed the benefits as well as the difficulties that can arise with the surgery ensuring that I was well informed. Preparing for the surgery was a process and the first step was losing 15-20 pounds before the surgery. My starting weight was 317 pounds. The day the surgery came, I weighed 280 pounds. The thought of the impending procedure made me extremely nervous. Dr. Andrade was there for me and helped calm me.

After the surgery, my life changed. I didn’t have to exercise right away but I had to start thinking differently about the way I lived day-to-day. One of the most prominent changes was the way I ate. I had to change the portion size of my meals, because the surgery made me feel full after eating smaller amounts. Even the type of food I ate had to change. There was a greater emphasis on making healthier choices like including more proteins and vegetables.

The recovery process took time but I was able to see the changes in my life after the surgery. About three to four months later, I was able to start lifting weights and going on walks. After six months, I felt great and the changes that I had to implement became part of my routine and a normal aspect of my life, not something I had to consciously make an effort to complete every day. Throughout the process my wife Maria became a large factor in my success. She was my support system and helped me through each step. She even provided inspiration to me through her own weight-loss efforts. Maria lost 40 pounds through diet and exercise.

Overall, I lost 165 pounds and I feel great. If I would have known how great this would turn out, I would have done this surgery ten years ago. My life has become so much easier and I feel a lot more comfortable with myself. I have two kids, a 33-year-old daughter and a 25-year-old son and I feel so great now I feel like I could be their brother. My life has changed so much since the surgery in so many aspects. I am even able to feel cold now. Dr. Andrade has been an amazing physician who has dedicated himself to my wellbeing. He took amazing care of me and even gave me his cell phone number so I could call him for anything. Dr. Andrade and my bariatric surgery changed my life; don’t be scared, take the step and all will be well.

This testimonial reflects results achieved by this patient. As each case must be independently evaluated and managed, actual weight loss will vary.
This surgery is designed for those with a body mass index equal to or greater than 40, or equal to or greater than 35 with serious co-morbidities.


La historia de WilliamWilliam Diaz

Decidí hacer un cambio en mi vida.

Tuve sobrepeso la mayor parte de mi vida. Probé muchas dietas en mi vida, pero nunca funcionaron. Bajaba de peso, pero luego volvía a aumentar. Mi peso afectaba mi salud hasta el punto de tener que tomar medicamentos para la presión alta y el reflujo gastroesofágico. Todos los días, veía una publicidad mientras andaba en auto y, al final, me llamó la atención. Mostraba la imagen de un paciente 10 meses después de una cirugía bariátrica. Decidí hacer un cambio en mi vida. Un día, entré al hospital y pregunté por un cirujano especialista en cirugía bariátrica. Me remitieron al Dr. Werner Andrade. Contactar a un cirujano especialista en cirugía bariátrica fue un gran paso. Estaba nervioso por el proceso, pero confiaba en el Dr. Andrade.William Diaz con doctor

Lo primero que analizamos fueron los pros y contras del procedimiento. El Dr. Andrade analizó los beneficios y las dificultades que pueden surgir por la cirugía para asegurarse de que yo estuviera bien informado. Prepararse para la cirugía era un proceso y el primer paso era perder entre 15 y 20 libras antes de la cirugía. Mi peso inicial era 317 libras. El día de la cirugía, pesaba 280 libras. Pensar en que el procedimiento era inminente me ponía muy nervioso. Pero el Dr. Andrade estuvo ahí y me ayudó a calmarme.

Después de la cirugía, mi vida cambió. No tuve que hacer ejercicios de inmediato, pero tuve que comenzar a pensar diferente sobre cómo vivía a diario. Uno de los cambios más importantes fue mi forma de comer. Tuve que cambiar el tamaño de las porciones de comida, porque la cirugía me hacía sentir lleno después de ingerir cantidades más pequeñas. Incluso tuve que cambiar el tipo de alimentos que consumía. Hubo un mayor énfasis en hacer elecciones más saludables, como incluir más proteínas y vegetales.

El proceso de recuperación llevó tiempo, pero pude ver los cambios en mi vida después de la cirugía. Después de tres a cuatro meses, pude empezar a levantar peso y a caminar. Después de seis meses, me sentía muy bien y los cambios que tuve que implementar se convirtieron en parte de mi rutina y un aspecto normal de mi vida; no era algo por lo que tenía que esforzarme conscientemente para lograrlo cada día. En el transcurso del proceso, mi esposa Maria se convirtió en un importante factor en mi éxito. Ella fue mi sistema de apoyo y me ayudó en cada paso. Incluso me inspiró con su propio esfuerzo por perder peso. Maria bajó 40 libras con dieta y ejercicios.

En total, adelgacé 165 libras y me siento muy bien. Si hubiese sabido lo bien que esto iba a resultar, me hubiese hecho esta cirugía 10 años antes. Mi vida se volvió mucho más fácil y me siento mucho más cómodo conmigo mismo. Tengo dos hijos, una hija de 33 años y un hijo de 25, y me siento tan bien ahora que siento que podría ser su hermano. Mi vida cambió mucho desde la cirugía en muchos aspectos. Ahora incluso puedo sentir frío. El Dr. Andrade ha sido un médico increíble que se dedicó a mi bienestar. Me cuidó de una manera sorprendente e incluso me dio el número de su teléfono celular para que pudiera llamarlo por cualquier cosa. El Dr. Andrade y la cirugía bariátrica cambiaron mi vida. No tengas miedo, toma la decisión. Todo estará bien.

Este testimonio refleja los resultados alcanzados por este paciente. Ya que cada caso debe manejarse y evaluarse de manera independiente, la pérdida de peso real variará.

Esta cirugía está prevista para quienes tengan un índice de masa corporal igual o mayor a 40, o igual o mayor a 35 con morbilidades asociadas graves.

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rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
July 9, 2020

excellent staff and great , caring and thoughtful physician.

rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
July 9, 2020

the best.