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Kenneth Jeffers

Kenneth S. Jeffers, MD

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Creating Hope

Estrella's Story

Creating Hope Estrella's Story

A‘Life-changing’ Surgery

Creating Hope Estrella's Story

During a routine scoliosis screening done in my middle school gym class, I found out that I might have scoliosis. They told me I should go to the doctor’s office and get my back checked out.  The next thing I knew, my father and I were visiting my doctor and we were told I needed to see a specialist. My father wasted no time and did his research using the internet to look up children’s orthopedic doctors. He looked and found Dr. Kenneth Jeffers at West Boca Medical Center. My dad also asked around to see if anyone knew pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the area and a friend of the family told him they had a great experience with Dr. Jeffers. That was enough to convince my dad to make an appointment with Dr. Jeffers for a scoliosis exam. He performed a bend test, which is common with scoliosis, felt my spine and then ordered an X-ray, which was done right there at his office on the campus of the hospital.

Prior to the initial scoliosis screening at school, I had a feeling something was wrong. Sometimes my back would hurt during my growth spurts. I loved playing soccer until it got to the point where I was running down the field sideways.It turns out I needed surgery because the curve in my spine was so severe. In the short amount of time from when I first met with Dr. Jeffers until my last appointment before surgery, the curve in my spine increased by at least 10 degrees. Surprisingly, going into the scoliosis surgery I wasn’t worried about anything bad happening. I was comfortable with Dr. Jeffers and he gave me the faith that everything was going to be okay. On the soccer field I am the last line of defense before the goalie. In my surgery and treatment, Dr. Jeffers was the scoliosis stopper on my team.


I had the surgery on June 13, 2013 and two months later I was practicing for an upcoming tryout to make the girls soccer team. Just over two months after surgery to correct my scoliosis, I am so happy to say I made the Deerfield Beach Middle School Junior Bucks Girls Soccer Team as a sweeper and fullback! I cannot thank Dr. Jeffers and the staff at West Boca Medical Center enough. They were unbelievable, especially in the ICU for kids and I had nothing but good experiences during my four days in the hospital. During my stay, I went through a therapy program where a physical therapist came in every morning and gave me stretches. Every day in the hospital I looked forward to the stretches and the time when Dr. Jeffers would be making his rounds

Today, I feel amazing! I am focusing on my goals of becoming a professional soccer player and after that, a veterinarian. I feel really happy to know my scoliosis is behind me for good.


Dr. Jeffers is really nice, is easy to be around, and even when you are going through hard stuff, he always has a way to cheer you up. He is a very positive person. If I had one word to describe him it would be awesome. Dr. Jeffers said if I want to, for reassurance, that I can come back every five years to check on my scoliosis, but at this point it is my choice. Now that my scoliosis condition is gone, I can concentrate on soccer. I also like to participate in dance at my church and the step team at my middle school.

Today, I feel amazing! I am focusing on my goals of becoming a professional soccer player and after that, a veterinarian. I feel really happy to know my scoliosis is behind me for good.

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Kenneth S. Jeffers

Kenneth S. Jeffers, MD

Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery, Pediatric Specialists
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