May 22, 2018 | Vanessa Caceres | The Rheumatologist

Dr. Sofia Vasquez was featured in article: 6 Things Endocrinologists Want Rheumatologists to Know

Endocrinologist Sofía E. Vasquez, MD, Tenet Florida Physician Services, Hialeah, Fla., estimates 25% of her patients have both diabetes and a rheumatological condition, particularly osteoarthritis or RA.

As an extra safety measure, do your best to communicate any major medication change with a patient’s diabetes care provider, Dr. Vasquez advises. “It is essential for an endocrinologist to know the specific therapy, drug type and dose that a patient with a rheumatological disease is using to tailor their diabetic treatment appropriately,” she says.

Water exercises, low-impact cardio and physical therapy also may be recommended for patients with diabetes and functional limitations from joint pain, Dr. Vasquez says.

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