June 12, 2020 | Noemie Akridge, MHA and Aysha Khan, MD, PharmD | Medium

Neurologist Dr. Brian Steingo was featured in an article about Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis

A Sunrise Medical Group neurologist, Dr. Brian Steingo says that vitamin D deficiency is not only associated with increased risk of developing MS but also is the main factor in worsening the symptoms of MS. Dr. Steingo was featured in the Medium online article titled: The Benefits of IV Vitamin D Therapy as Disease-Modifying Biologics Therapy Support for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment. How much vitamin D would a patient need to have some beneficial and therapeutic effects? We do not have an excessive amount of data at the time. However, according to Dr. Steingo, one should aim for 70-80 ng/mL.

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