Temporal Lobectomy for Seizures Associated with a Unilateral Schizencephaly

By:Landy HJ, Ramsey RE, Ajmone-Marsan C, Levin BE, Brown J, Pasarin G, Quencer RM|Date: March 24, 2014|Source: Sugical Neurology. 1992; Vol. 37, p 477-481/PMID: 1595054 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Schizencephaly is characterized by unilateral or bilateral cerebral clefts associated with neurologic deficits and epilepsy. Most commonly schizencephaly is attributed to abnormal neuronal migration, and these malformations are well visualized by current neuroimaging techniques. This report describes a patient with unilateral schizencephaly and poorly controlled complex partial seizures who was found to have a temporal lobe seizure focus; anterior temporal lobectomy produced nearly complete control of the seizures. Despite the extensive malformation, relatively restricted resection was of significant benefit. The principles of seizure focus localization and resection are applicable to the management of patients with schizencephaly.
PMID: 1595054 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]