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Family Practice

Tenet Florida Physician Services provides a network of local family practice physicians, who serve as your whole family's main healthcare provider in non-emergency situations. Our family practice  physicians are committed to delivering quality care by living out our mission – to improve the life of every patient who enters our doors. You’ll benefit from our outstanding clinical expertise, the highest quality care possible and a sharp focus on patient convenience when you select a Tenet Florida Physician Services family practice doctor to care for you. Your family practice or family medicine doctor monitors your ongoing health and wellness along with any chronic medical conditions.  He or she is trained in biological, clinical and behavorial sciences for both men and women, each organ system and every disease.  Unlike an internist who only sees adults, a family practitioner treats every age patient from infant to elderly.  Your family practice physician may also provide emergency medical care, obstetrics and minor surgery, and he or she may ask an internist to consult on complex cases involving adult patients.

When to See a  Family Practice Physician?

Your family practice physician should be your first point of contact when you have a health concern or illness that is not an emergency. If needed, he or she will coordinate care with any other physicians or medical specialists who should be involved in your care. Your family practice physician will:
  • Provide preventive and wellness care
  • Teach healthy lifestyle choices
  • Identify and treat common medical conditions and illnesses
  • Determine the urgency of your medical problem and direct you to the best place for care
  • Make referrals to medical specialists for specific health problems
Our family practice physicians look forward to serving you. We want to make sure you and your family members are receiving the preventative checkups needed to help keep your health on track. Call to make an appointment today!
Family Practice Team

Vivian Carta Sanchez, DNP, ARNP

Specialties: Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Primary Care

Locations: Boynton Beach, Royal Palm Beach


Mitchell Goldstein, DO

Specialties: Family Practice, Primary Care

Location: Boca Raton