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Oncology Surgery

Tenet Florida Physician Services surgeons are specially trained in cancer related procedures ranging from breast and prostate to bone cancer. Our experts  use the some of the latest surgical advances and minimally invasive surgery techniques to diagnose, treat or remove tissues or organs where cancerous tumors might develop or have developed. Our surgeons are trained in surgical procedures such as:
  • Biopsies – removing a small piece of tissue to determine if cancer is present
  • Tumor staging – determining the severity of the cancer and extent to which it has spread
  • Tumor removal – surgically removing the cancerous tumor and surrounding tissue
  • Reconstruction – surgically repairing or replacing the area affected by the removal of the cancerous tissue
Tenet Florida Physician Services oncology surgeons have extensive experience in cancer detection and surgery, providing high quality care at the 10 Tenet hospitals throughout South Florida.

When to See a Surgeon for Oncology Related Surgery?

Your primary care physician or your medical oncologist, a physician who specializes in treating cancer with drugs and oversees all aspects of your cancer care, may refer you to a Tenet Florida Physician Services  surgeon that specializes in cancer related surgery.   Treatment plans may include radiation and/or chemotherapy in addition to surgery. Because cancer surgery is typically complex, many oncology surgery doctors specialize in management of one or two types of cancer. You also may see a radiation oncologist if your care includes radiation treatment. Regardless of your case, the Tenet Florida Physician Services surgical oncology team helps provide options for your cancer care so that you have the best outcome.
Oncology Surgery Team

Kimmerle Cohen, MD

Specialties: General Surgery, Oncology Surgery

Location: West Palm Beach