Dr. Fernando Bayron featured in radio-video interview on Body Mass Index (BMI), weight-loss, bariatric revision and laparoscopic surgeries using the da Vinci X Robotic Assisted Surgery

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Cardiologist Dr. David Perloff talks about being elected President of the Florida Chapter of the American College of Cardiology, AF-ib, Lipid Management and Preventive Cardiology on Globally Syndicated Radio Show

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Pediatrician Dr. Norina Ocampo interviewed on medical marijuana used to treat autism-related disorders

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not support medical marijuana use for autism-related disorders. One big issue, experts say, is the fact that there are many strains of cannabinoids in marijuana. Dr. Norina Ocampo is a South Florida pediatrician. She told us, “The other issue is they think

Dr. Kimmerle "K.C." Cohen explains Good Samaritan Medical Center upgrades robotic surgery system

During an interview with Dr. Kimmerle "K.C." Cohen, a hepatopancreaticobiliary, oncological and general surgeon, helps WPTV NewsChannel 5 check out the Da Vinci Xi surgical robot system.

Dr. Giancarlo Perez explains the techniques of neurosurgery for the brain and spine

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Dr. Erik Beyer explains minimally invasive heart surgery on Boca Raton's WWNN Radio 95.3 FM & 1470 AM, iHeartRadio app,

Dr. Nils Mueller and a patient he saved from a stroke explain the FAST acronym in stroke care, treatment

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Dr. Paul Acevedo explains the latest in stroke care across South Florida

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Dr. Jennifer Buczyner discusses a new piercing that people are getting to avoid headaches.

Dr. Ali Malek talks FAST for what to do if someone near you has a "brain attack" or stroke

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